Shit Happens

25 January, 2018

I can't believe it's been a full 5 years since I've ventured into the dark corner of the internet that is the CMS.

A lot has changed since I last wrote - first and foremost,  I'm hanging on to my last year as a 20-something for dear life! Career-wise, I'm now 5 years into the Social Media/Online Content game, a full-on digital "professional", ironically enough during this time my hopes of becoming a blogger have gone down the drain.  I've travelled and travelled and travelled, discovering new parts of America, finally adding a new continent to the hit list with a 2016 visit to Singapore while making repeat visits to what has become one of my new favourite places (cough, cough Lagos - I've had more visits there than I care to admit).

If I had to sum up the last half-decade in two words they would self-discovery and disruption. I've gone through the normal shit you go through in your mid to late 20s and watched the world around me both near and far change in ways I could never imagine.

However one thing that has been at the back of my mind through all of this has been this little old blog of mine, unbeknownst to me at the time it was a much-needed creative outlet, something that I would never have thought I would have need after entering a job in the creative field but probably needed more than ever.

So I stepped into 2018 with one word on my mind - change. I have no idea what this change is going to be - ok that's a lie, I know what I want to happen but no idea how I'm going to do but the thought of going in blind excites me.
And if it all goes wrong, it gives me a chance to embody my new motto - shit happens!

Pushing Hackney

06 December, 2013

The other day I found myself catching up on one of my favourite shows, Pushing Daises. A short-lived surreal American TV show set around a man called Ned who owns a pie shop and uses his power to bring back the dead to solve their murders.

The plot is a little convoluted but one thing that about the show that is easy to explain is the show's amazing visual design. Masterfully headed by Bryan Fuller, the set design, costumes and cinematography make watching the show feel like you're being immersed in a hyperactive, adult storybook re-imagined by Wes Anderson and Tim Burton.

Been a while...

13 November, 2013

Hello, it's me again

So it's been almost two years it's been since I last did this and my how things of changed, the reason for my absence will be largely blamed on me going back to University to finish my degree. I am now the proud owner of an American Studies degree (try and say that with a straight face), and as you can imagine at the time the blog wasn't really at the top of my priorities. 


27 November, 2011

Shoot I assisted on for Fault magazine with Yasmin a while ago. First published work, Woop Woop!! Would have been great if I'd been credited too! But such is life.

Redeux: Part 2

07 October, 2011

It's that time of year again, I'm back at Uni so that means an actual valid excuse for the lack of posts, once again I'm in a house with no internet for at least another two weeks and I can't guarantee that once it's all sorted that I'll actually post often but in the meanwhile I've got a few things to tide you over with.

Many, many moons ago I assisted  the styling on the The Thirst's video shoot for 'Damn Girl', if you don't know who they are, they're an amazingly talented rock band from Brixton who in their short career have toured with the Rolling Stones and the Libertines to name the least. The shoot was probably the longest day of my life, 8am- 5am the next morning but was actually kind of fun, copious amounts of alcohol and ridiculously cool people.  The video actually came out a while ago but have just got around to posting it now shame on me.

And speaking of the Thirst, they're also performing at Supa Dupa Fly at the Jazz Cafe next week Friday with Shadez the Misfit.

Once you've done that, check out the interview I did with Professor Green over at my second digital home; theCool, another ridiculously cool guy who dealt with my hastily made up question like a pro and gave some great responses.

Thats should hopefully be enough to tide you guys till the next time I rear my head round these parts.


Picture Perfect

18 August, 2011

I've realised I rarely show you guys what I get up to, mostly because it either ends up on theCool or I never remember to bring my camera but I'm slowly trying to remedy that. The past week I've actually been kinda busy, on Monday me & Obui passed through Margin and meet loads of amazing brands, the recap full recap can be found here and here but for now just check out look at the pretty pictures and enjoy.

28 July, 2011

All We Need Is Lights by Diaghe