Dear summer, i know you're gonna miss me...

13 August, 2009

This mac makes me want to say "Fuck Summer!"
The first shipment of these sold out in a matter of days
They're handmade, with limited stock available for £65 at Bitching & Junkfood

There's also a cropped, military-style version available as well, which is £65 again, also available at Bitching and Junkfood.

Bitching and Junkfood is an online store that specialises in 80s and 90s vintage clothes and accessories, as well as independent designers and customised clothing.
One of the things that B&J is that unlike most vintage stores they make an effort in finding vintage clothes that (God forbid!) are larger than a size 8.

Another reason why I love them is that they sometimes have free giveaways, where items in their store are free, yes, free, no p&p or anything. You don't get any prior notice as to when the giveaways are happening, so its all about good timing and a little bit of luck.

By the way, there are probably going to be a few less posts for the next week, because I've got a few things to get sorted for uni, but I'll try and post at least once a day.......make sure you don't forget about me!