I wear my own garms.....

28 August, 2009

At the start of the summer, I promised myself that I wouldn't buy any clothes until I went back to Uni, and so far I've kept to my promise (sort of) so this kind of inspired me to start making my own clothes and DIYing.

And over the past few days I've gone a bit DIY mad, shredding, buttons, studs, I've been attacking my old clothes with everything and anything and I could find.

After i did my bag, I had loads of studs left, so I got very tempted to stud everything in sight, but i managed to restrain myself, and got to work with this old blazer i got from Ebay for like £5. The studs are a bit wonky again, I think next time I'll draw some lines as a guide.

I then attempted my own version of the American Apparel Circle Scarf, my mum brought this hot pink lyrca material the other day, and it seemed like the perfect material to make it from. The scarf is incredibly easy to make, yet I still managed to do it wrong, I didn't make the material wide enough, which just means it can't be worn as a dress/skirt, but I'll try to make another one, for the meanwhile, I try to dress it up with bows and chains.....not to sure how nice it looks though.

Last but not least, is my favourite DIY so far, I finally got to making my own Raquel Alegra inspired shredded t-shirt (about 2 years too late, but its OK).

There are a couple of holes in it, but I feel that it adds charcter (lol)

I also tried to do the same to this really old vest, but it went a bit mad, not too sure what I'm gonna do about it.