So Dust off Your Fuck Me Pumps...

18 August, 2009

It's almost the end of August and I'm still waiting on the release of Insa's annual Insa Heels Collection, which were supposed to have come out in "Summer 2009", but summer has almost come and gone and they're still not here. The 2008 collection (seen above) become an online phenomenon from the moment the first images hit the next, and judging from the preview, the 2009's are set to be even better.

In March, Insa gifted us with a little preview of the collection, from the preview we can see that this time Insa are coming out with 3 different styles; an ankle boot with a Marc Jacob inspired cut out sole.
A YSL Tribute Too, style pumps with what looks a hidden platform (I really want these these, anything with a hidden platform 3"+ heel, and I'm in love).
And a third shoe, which is the most exciting of them all, the shoe takes shape of classic court pumps, similar to last years collection. The heel however, tells a much different story, it seems to have taken shape of the signature Insa leg and stiletto heel, I can't wait to see how it looks in the flesh, it looks crazy.

Then in May we actually got to see a picture of a pair, and can i say, they don't disappoint!
Called the "Miami", this purple on black colourway, paired with the yellow and pink fadeaway heel detailing is absolutely nuts. I cant's wait to see what he's done to the other peices.

(All Images courtesy of INSA)

Ever since the photos have been released, I've been waiting for them to drop, and I still am. Fingers crossed I should be able to afford them when they come out, the last collection was priced at £2oo each, and I have a feeling that these are going to cost a little bit more, but they would defiantly be worth it, you're getting a (portable, wearable) hand crafted piece of art, allowing you to be your own mobile gallery.
More info and other pieces of artwork can be found at the official blog.