my girls rock balenciaga & smoke mad marijuana.....

12 August, 2009

...probably one of my favourite t-shirt slogans, and MTTB (Married To The Mob) are back at it again, this time they've hired "singer" Teyanna Taylor to be the face of their new Fall 2009 campaign.
You've probally seen most of these before by now, so I'm only going to post my favourites.

MTTB seem to have moved away from t shirts and hoodies, and are bringing out shirts, dresses and skirts. Not particularly sure that's such a good idea, their slogan t-shirts are still as in your face as ever, but their other items are just a bit blah and seem somewhat unnecessary. Hopefully for their next collection they'll go back to their straight-talking roots.

The new collection should be available now from MTTB, and other good retailers.

Forgot to add that you can also get MTTB in the UK at Bond International and Donuts, you have to be quick though, MTTB sells out really quickly in these stores.

EDIT: Go here for an update on where to get the "My Girls Rock..." t-shirts