26 August, 2009

OK, so I've noticed that a lot of the traffic directed to my blog from Google is in relation to the MTTB "my girls rock balenciaga & smoke mad marijuana....." t shirt. For those who don't know, that t-shirt is almost two years old and is SOLD OUT in the states and online.

And until recently I thought they were sold out in the UK as well, until last night when I was looking through the London Lite and noticed a picture of them in article. it turns out there are still some available at WAH Nails, a hipster nail salon-come-boutique-come-WAH Magazine HQ-come-record shop-come-gallery, basically the ultimate "cool people" hangout.

It also looks like they have the "Boy's aint shit but hoes and tricks" tee as well, another favourite which (unfortunately) sold out within days as well as other MTTB t shirts available (I tried to scan it but the picture came out really crap), so if you're in London you might as well head down and see if you can get your hands on one.....

......And while you're down there you might as well go and get you're nails did...prices start at £8 for nail art and £30 for extensions.

WAH Nails can be found at 20 Kinglsand Road, London E8, open Monday -Saturday from noon til 8pm.