This Is How I Feel...

08 September, 2009

It's been a while since I've posted, had to reacquaint myself with William Hogarth and Descartes for a quick minute, extremely tired but I'm back, and I've got a lot to share, so sit back and enjoy.

I saw this old lady themed photo shoot from POP! magazine and I ♥'d it, it made me think of college days when Karina used to tell me I look like a gypsy, lol.

I think I might start dressing like this more from now on, back with the OG (Official Gypsy) Swagger.

I'm also extremely happy that Catwalk Queen, and the rest of the Shiny Shiny Media company is back up. After it went into administration I was worried that would be last we'd see of it.

Images from TFS via ONTD_FF