Who said violence doesn't pay....

15 August, 2009

I have a thing about violent/weaponry themed jewelery (I think it must be the Souf London gyal in me wanting to get out ) but I always feel like people think I'm some kind of gang-banger when I'm wearing them. So when I saw these Cubainne Links earrings, I thought yes! finally a reason for me to wear a bullet necklace, these Cubannie Links Cap earrings also double as a diy mini toolkit, yes seriously a tool kit. The bullet cap unscrews to reveal a flat head, screw driver, spoon & sharp pointer.

Cubainne Links "Cap" earrings $28

Cubainne Links "Tupac" earrings $28

Girl Props "Dagger" Chain $5.99

Girl Props "Handcuffs" $6.99

Girl Props "Gun's and Bowsies" $7.99
(I think these are so cute and I love the name)

Girl Props "Blade" $4.99
I don't even really like these I just put them in because I feel obliged since I had a similar necklace a couple of years ago which I took to America. I wore on the day we were flying back home, but the airport security told me to take them off because they were a security threat (?!) and threw it in the bin!
I'm still very pissed about these and feel like I need some of replacement for them, even though I probably wouldn't even wear it nowadays.

Cubainne Links are available from their website and
Girl Props are available from