Baby, I Like Your Style....

11 September, 2009

Fashion Week season is upon us, with New York's only a few hours away it's time to get into the fashionista mood. To be honest I don't usually follow the Fashion Weeks that much, I have a short attention span so I find looking at runway shots kind of boring, and I know there's no way I could afford anything there, but this year I'm really going to try to get into it, I even downloaded the iPhone app, so I can catch up wherever I go.

Unsurprisingly the week I'm really looking forward to is London Fashion Week, it's always the one that has the most wearable, yet unique collections, and it showcases a lot of young talent. A collection I'm really looking forward to seeing is Ashish.

For all the funky lovers out there, you'll probably recognize Ashish from the multi-coloured sequined hoodie dress Kyla wore in the "Do You Mind" video.

Ashish are known for their young, in-your face designs, paired with loads of detailing, and of course SEQUINS. Their last Collection was a big hit at the last London Fashion Week, and there has been a huge buzz on they've got planned for this year's LFW.

In anticipation for this, I thought I'd share somethings from their Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection.

For this collection, Ashish seem to have brought out a more streetwear inspired collection, showing inspiration from the 80s/90s Hip Hop fashion scene, Hareem pants, bleach wash jeans, patriotic designs all bring back memories of Salt & Pepper and MC Hammer aesthetics which are now making themselves a firm favourite on the Highstreet.

Infused with Pacific Islander influenced patterns, and animal prints create a surreal, circus like feel to the whole collection, the eclectic styles and influences making it impossible to pin point what Ashish Gupta was thinking when he came up with the designs, but it works.

The Collection itself is available now for those lucky enough to be able to afford get their hands on it, but if like me, Ashish is a little bit out of your price range, there should be another Topshop collection collaboration coming out soon.

The previous collaboration included the animal print wedges worn by the models in the collection above; they sold out in Topshop fairly quickly, but there are still quite a few available on Ebay, but they're going for over £200!, which is properly why they're still there.


Still, for the first time I'm actually looking forward to see what the designers have got planned, and more excitingly, how these trends are going to be translated onto the highstreet.

London Fashion Week will be celebrating it's 25th Anniversary this year, and it looks like they've pulled out all of the stops. Many of the British mainstream designers who moved to Paris, Milan & New York fashion weeks over the past years are making their way back home to help commemorate this special year, so it looks like it maybe the best LFW's we've seen in a while.