Bora Aksu x Sass & Bide

20 September, 2009

I loved this collection, the lace and net detailing it somehow managed to add a feminine touch to the more harder, masculine pieces such as the biker jackets and trousers, yet add a more edgier feel to the more feminine dresses and tops. The intricate webbing detailing has a touch of nature about it, reminiscent of a spiders web or a cocoon .

The gold accents and the floaty detail remind a lot of the of designs from the 80s, the cut out leggings continue the trend of abstract detailing, and is another instance in which we see cut out detailing being used on leg wear.

3 words, sequin hareem shorts, one of those things that I can see on the East London Club Kids scene. The rest of the collection had a distinctive Roman/ Medial feel to it, almost completely monotone except for the gold accents and detailing, my favourites were the harness/tutu top and the Aztec print hareems.

Day two is looking good, I'll add a more detailed review of the collections in the morning, very excited for tomorrow though, I've seen snapshots of the Ashish , Danielle Strutt and PPQ collections and they're fantastic, just waiting for more pictures to emerge... Sundays line up looks fantastic; Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, Betty Jackson, Nichole Farhi and Unique and more, a tribute to the hayday of LFWs with all the greats comming back home.