Let Me See The One Finger Dance....

19 September, 2009

I'm in love these gloves that Drew Barrymore was seen wearing recently, they do kind of look like she wrapped her hand up in masking tape, but I still want them. I'm guessing that they're crazy expensive (and not very practical), still, paired with the fact that my house constantly feels like its 5°C has reignited my want for a pair of new gloves.

Top of my list is a pair of fingerless gloves, something less like my usual pair on the left and more like the Rodarte S/S 09 studded gloves, but then I find myself thinking that fingerless gloves kind of defeat the purpose of wearing gloves since your fingers are still gonna be cold!! but I still love them.

So I went on a little mission to find a pair of leather-ish gloves, trying to avoid the fingerless ones but I just couldn't help it. But I managed to find a few, any one of them I would be happy to own. Couldn't find any under £10 though, guess I'm gonna have to stop being a cheap skate and take a plunge with £10+ gloves, but I just know I'll end up loosing them.

one. Topshop, £15. two Etsy, £45!. three., £13. five. Topshop, £16. six., £13. seven. Pepe @ ASOS, £30 (Love these gloves, but I don't know if I can bring myself to spend £30 on gloves, since I know I'd probably lose them after a day)
eight. ASOS, £15. nine. 3.1 Phillip Lim. ten., £13. eleven. Topshop, £18.