Skirting the Issue...

13 September, 2009

For those that know me, you've probably noticed that I nearly almost wear skirts and dresses, rarely wear jeans and never, ever wear trousers, yet it wasn't until I was attempting to clear out my wardrobe that, I came to realise that I don't own a single pair of trousers. I've never been a big fan, of them I find them generally unflattering.

But ever since peg leg and cigarette leg made a comeback on the catwalk it looks like they may be the ones which have converted me from my anti-trousers ways.

It took a while for them to become readily available for an affordable price, but now the high street is awash with them, almost every shop has produced their own take on them, with many available for under £35.

Here's a few favourites

That being said, I still haven't been able to find a pair that fit right, so I'm still on the hunt for the right pair, so if anyone sees a beige pair of Chinos with roll up cuffs, let me know, lol. Until then, I can just pretend that anyone of these would actually like nice on me.