So Amazing....

15 September, 2009

INSA has given another sneak preview of his 2009 INSA Heels collection, and it's even better than I had imagined. In the preview we get to see the "Stand Alones", which show off the trademark pink, white and black heel print, but most excitingly it has the heel within a heel design that we saw in the previous preview, looks mad.

The shoes are to be released sometime this month from INSA Heels.

EDIT: I just woke up to an email containing these, another preview of the Miami Heels we saw before, this time showing all of the colourways, I love all of them, but the purple pair on the left is still my favourite.

It also looks like each of the styles will be available in different colourways, which means there will be more shoes available compared to the previous years; which is great, cause it means I have more of a chance of getting my hands on them!