Working the Week

11 September, 2009

Here are some of my favourite looks of the past couple of days

Gwen Stefani at the L.A.M.B Spring 2010 presentation. The outfit isn't particularly exciting, but it's really well put together, and I really love the clutch.

Queen Latifah at Paper Magazine's 25th Anniversary. Shes got the yellow Nike X Nylon Magazine trainers on, need I say more.

Solange at the BCBG Spring 2010 fashion show. As you can probably tell by now I'm a big fan of Solange's style, the vintage rope jacket is a big statement piece, but she manages to pull it of without it being to overbearing.

Billie Piper at the TV Quick Awards. I ♥ double breasted blazers + gold buttons on outerwear, so this gets a big thumbs up from me. She manages to keep it casual without looking too under dressed.

Rachael Stevens & Louise Redknapp at the GQ Awards. nice, and simple understated red carpet looks.

Chris Brown walking somewhere. A big fan of the oversized lapels on the biker jacket, not to sure about the gloves though.