30 October, 2009

Alexa Chung for V Magazine shot by Sharif Hamza

Never been a fan of Alexa Chung, but you can't help but admit that when she keeps her mouth closed she's quite beautiful. But I have always been a fan of this lace Stella McCartney jumpsuit, and all of it's many variations. So this picture is a little bit of perfect.

(And in other news, I just got a new laptop which means I should be able to post more often again, all though Internet access is a bit dodgy at the moment)

Kinda OT.....

26 October, 2009

I know this isn't strictly fashion related, but how cool is this! It's called Snow White's Revenge, it's basically a re-working of this picture that popped up online a while ago, I, personally was not too keen on it a bit too childish for my liking, but I am in love with the reworked version, basically Banksy x Disney, complete with bandanna and driving gloves. this time instead of being tempted by the apple, she's stealing it...I like it, but then again I'm a fan of any vinyl's which incorporate the apple logo in it's design, just like this Magritte inspired piece. This is defiantly going to be the first purchase for my MacBook. You can get here at Etsy, and I think there may be a few on Ebay as well.

All Day I Dream About Shoes (Adidas x PPQ)

23 October, 2009

The first shots of the Adidas x PPQ collection has been released, they don't seem to have brought anything new to the table clothes wise, we've already seen most of them from the PPQ LFW show, as I said before all a bit blach. But they seem to have brought out some exciting new shoes, which look a bit more intresting, espically loving the cowprint loafers and the knee-high boots. I do hope this isn't the whole collection though because if it is,it's quite dissapointing, i love the overall looks and styling of the shoots, but I don't really think any of these peices have a wow! factor when they're on their own.

22 October, 2009

ASOS have just priced down their YSL Tribute Sandals "inspired" shoes to only £8! Not really a fan of them, but honestly, for £8 you could do a lot worse.

SLC We Love You!

It's that time of year again, Student Loan time!!! I know this isn't really where my money should be going, but I haven't gone shopping in months and months, so I went a bit mad in on ASOS and Colchester high street the other day. First thing was this beautiful work of art/monstrosity of a bag from River Island (looks much better in person) I really can't decide what I think of it, but I still can't help but fall a little bit in love with it.

Next off was ASOS, managed to do quite well there, got a few things that I've been waiting to go sale for ages (I hate buying things from ASOS for full price, it just feels wrong) including the denim shirt (£12, was hoping it would get down to under £10 but it's looking unlikely, and it's still better than paying £30+ for the one in the women's section), the white sleeveless shirt(kind of summery I know but I'm still glad I got it)reminds me of something Lauren Conrad would wear, and last but not least the tropical floral backless dress, I've been a fan with it ever since I saw it in the ASOS magazine, and fell in love with it once again when I saw VV Brown wearing it, but wasn't to sure how much wear I'd get out of it for £45, and then at £32, but at £18 there's no reason not to buy it.
And I finally got myself a knuckle-ish ring as well, this should hold me over until i get enough P's to get a Melody Ehsani one.

Also got my second favourite thing ever, this tweed oversized blazer from Miss Selfridges (looks kinda dodgy in this pic but it's the best thing ever, I love it) wanted this for agesssss, and it was on sale, so I'm very happy.

Also had my first proper go at vintage shopping in Colchester, can't remember the name of it, but I managed to get this really cool sequin blazer with XXL shoulders for £18

There were a few other stuff as well, but I don't really want to bait up my wardrobe online, lol.

U Ain't Shitt...

MTTB have just re-realised the "Boy's Ain't Shit..." tees at, their available in white ($30) and black($35, strange). I just ordered this along with the Dime Piece x Cassie tee, can't wait to get my hands on it, gonna be walking around campus with all sorts of expletives on my chest, lol.

Fingers cross they bring back the "my girls rock..." tees as well.

Boom, Boom, Shake Shake The Room!!!

19 October, 2009

Whilst the majority of the Christopher Kane/Topshop collaboration may have sold out almost everywhere, there are still some C. Kane inspired prints to be found on the highstreet, namely from H&M, this t-shirt dress has eerily similar ascetics to the nuclear, post-apocalyptic prints found on Mr Kane's resort 2010 collection.
I actually really like this, it's kind of a mix of the Resort 2010 collection, with the Topshop alligator t-shirt (minus the alligator), andhey've managed to make it much more wearable, which is always a plus.

Images courtesy of H&M and via Hapsical

Seeing that actually made me go back and re-asses the 2102 Resort collection, I wasn't particularly a fan of it at first, thought the colours were to muted and depressing, and weren't really that much different from his animal prints from the previous collection, but now I'm staring to fall in love with it, especially the biker jacket.
No idea when the tee's going to be out in stores, other than it's from their Autumn collection, but I'm guessing that if it isn't already out now, then it should be in stores soon.

17 October, 2009

I have no idea where this is from and who the model is, but I just love it. But if any one could ID this for me I’d be forever grateful.(I have a feeling this may be a white model in blackface....hmm, not too sure how I feel about this)
Sorry for thre lack of post again, back at uni with no laptop, and posting on the uni compters is very long at the moment because they don't seem to like blogger :-(

15 October, 2009

This definatley gives a new outlook to the "giving someone the cold shoulder",this is another 2BD creation, the shoulder detailing on this is nuts, studs, buttons, gems, spikes, everything and anything you could wish for, it's there. (sorry for the crappy pic quality, using paint at the moment.). Another example of the re-invention of the LBD, amazing what you can do with a lot of time and a little imagination.
I just hope that they make these into detachable shoulder pads, they would look great on a blazer or even a floral dress.




It's amazing what such a simple premise of adding a large square of fabric to an otherwise normal t-shirt and you get this. I'm absolutely in love with this, don't know if I can bring myself to pay £35 for it, so I might DIY(probably won't end up that well but I'll still give it ago.) But if, unlike me you're rich in pocket you can get it at etsy from takeoffyourclothes, have a look at the rest of their collection, they have amazing hand made casuals, and can do wonders with an average tee.

Body Rock

14 October, 2009

Is it just me, or does this Motel dress have a touch of the infamous safety pin Versace dress made famous by Liz Hurley. I like it, a simple but effective addition and take on the LBD. love it. It's nice to see chain detailing comming back without looking like this.

Glad to see that Motel have moved away from their normal usual dress styles, and I am loving the the prints they introduced this season, much better than the previous ones. And it actually looks like the dresses are actually proper dress length, and not the "long top" dress lengths they usually make.
So make sure you check out the rest of the collection, loads of dresses and knitwear, two of my favourite things ever! Motel can be found at ASOS, and Topshop.

We Don't Wanna See That Weak Shit No More!

Anyone remember a couple of years ago when Kanye West announced he was creating a clothing line called Pastelle but nothing ever came from it, well a couple of days ago these 3 images were released from the long awaited line.

Yep, kinda disappointing just looks like BAPE/BBC 2.0, not what I expected from Kanye at all, very outdated coming from him, it's obvious that this was created during the Graduation Era, and not something that was influenced by his current style, or by his love of fashion, especially when you look at his previous collaborations with LV and Nike. Anyway, although the previews were kind of disappointing, it did leave me wondering if this was what we were to expect from the rest of the collection, or this was a just a fusion line. But alas, it doesn't look like we won't have to wonder any longer. it turns out that the line isn't actually going to be released anymore, not exactly sure why, but Pastelles is no more..... was over all before it really started.

INSA maybe?

07 October, 2009

After all the madness going on at the moment I forgot to post the images of the complete INSA Heels 2009 Collection, the shoes have already sold out in pre-sales alone before they even hit the net, but there are some rumors that there is going to be another drop of the entire collection sometime soon

The Throwelette, Miami's and Standalones range from £190-230 each, and come in 3 colourways each, not a fan of the Towelette (ankle boots) they would look much better without the boot detailing, but I do love the cut-out platform detailing.
Right now my favourite is between a toss up between the Miami's and Standalones.

To hold you down until the release, here's a few pics from the M.I.S.S x INSA Heels 2008 “Le Rétifisme d’Insa” or The Shoe Fetish of INSA shoot.

Christopher Kane x Topshop Drop 2

The Topshop x Christopher Kane collaboration has been a big hit, the alligator t-shirts and dresses sold out as quickly as expected, as well as most of the dresses and accessories. But it looks like Topshop have just dropped a few more season-appropriate pieces from the collection incduing cardigans and hoodies, and my personal favourtie the cowboy style embelshished shirt.

Most of the shoes are still avialble as well as the leggings and a pair of pants! This may be yout last chance to get your hand on the collection so good luck !

What you've all been waiting for.....

So I'm finally getting round to posting some of the pics from LFW, first of all it was highstreet/ East London cool kids favorite PPQ. The collection itself is extremely disappointing, everything looks sloppy and outdated. The cuts and the prints looks are just bland and remind of something you could get from Lipsy or even Clothing Club. But then again this is PPQ, they have never really been know for their innovation, but more for the celeb association.

The only good thing about the collection was:
1). They used all black models.
2). It gave us a sneak preview of the PPQ x Addidas Collaboration, but even that is boring, the t-shirt is well, just a t-shirt, and looks no different from any other Addidas shirt. The jumper dress is a little bit more interesting, the trademark logo a key focal point, but still a bit hit and miss, especially when compared to Addidas' other innovative collaboration with Jeremy Scott.

Next was a show that I had been really looking forward to, Ashish, I wasn't really sure what to expect but I knew it would involve sequins and loads of it. The theme for the S/S 2010 collection was holidays and vacations, giving us a sequined snapshot of summer holidays of the past. The collection focused mainly on dresses, which showcased clouds, palmtrees and the ultimate summer staple, the Hawaii print shirt and shorts, this time given the Ashish treatment and bedazzaled to your hearts content.

Ashish also threw in a few shoulder spikes for good measure. The shows highlight was the Statue of Liberty maxi dress, the iconic image did all the talking, however the Mona Lisa dress however left a bad taste in my mouth. It reminded alot of the Jean-Charles de Castelbajac Barak Obama dress from a few seasons ago.

Like PPQ, Ashish used LFW to showcase a few pieces from their own sportswear collaboration, this time with (surprise surprise!) sportswear giants, Nike, erm not much to say here, from what I've seen here the collection looks like it's just going to be a bunch of oversized Nike t-shirts with millions of sequins, which is what I expected, but then again I didn't. Ashsih could have come much harder than this, it's just very lazy. (I would still be very happy if I could get my hands on one though)