Boom, Boom, Shake Shake The Room!!!

19 October, 2009

Whilst the majority of the Christopher Kane/Topshop collaboration may have sold out almost everywhere, there are still some C. Kane inspired prints to be found on the highstreet, namely from H&M, this t-shirt dress has eerily similar ascetics to the nuclear, post-apocalyptic prints found on Mr Kane's resort 2010 collection.
I actually really like this, it's kind of a mix of the Resort 2010 collection, with the Topshop alligator t-shirt (minus the alligator), andhey've managed to make it much more wearable, which is always a plus.

Images courtesy of H&M and via Hapsical

Seeing that actually made me go back and re-asses the 2102 Resort collection, I wasn't particularly a fan of it at first, thought the colours were to muted and depressing, and weren't really that much different from his animal prints from the previous collection, but now I'm staring to fall in love with it, especially the biker jacket.
No idea when the tee's going to be out in stores, other than it's from their Autumn collection, but I'm guessing that if it isn't already out now, then it should be in stores soon.