SLC We Love You!

22 October, 2009

It's that time of year again, Student Loan time!!! I know this isn't really where my money should be going, but I haven't gone shopping in months and months, so I went a bit mad in on ASOS and Colchester high street the other day. First thing was this beautiful work of art/monstrosity of a bag from River Island (looks much better in person) I really can't decide what I think of it, but I still can't help but fall a little bit in love with it.

Next off was ASOS, managed to do quite well there, got a few things that I've been waiting to go sale for ages (I hate buying things from ASOS for full price, it just feels wrong) including the denim shirt (£12, was hoping it would get down to under £10 but it's looking unlikely, and it's still better than paying £30+ for the one in the women's section), the white sleeveless shirt(kind of summery I know but I'm still glad I got it)reminds me of something Lauren Conrad would wear, and last but not least the tropical floral backless dress, I've been a fan with it ever since I saw it in the ASOS magazine, and fell in love with it once again when I saw VV Brown wearing it, but wasn't to sure how much wear I'd get out of it for £45, and then at £32, but at £18 there's no reason not to buy it.
And I finally got myself a knuckle-ish ring as well, this should hold me over until i get enough P's to get a Melody Ehsani one.

Also got my second favourite thing ever, this tweed oversized blazer from Miss Selfridges (looks kinda dodgy in this pic but it's the best thing ever, I love it) wanted this for agesssss, and it was on sale, so I'm very happy.

Also had my first proper go at vintage shopping in Colchester, can't remember the name of it, but I managed to get this really cool sequin blazer with XXL shoulders for £18

There were a few other stuff as well, but I don't really want to bait up my wardrobe online, lol.