We Don't Wanna See That Weak Shit No More!

14 October, 2009

Anyone remember a couple of years ago when Kanye West announced he was creating a clothing line called Pastelle but nothing ever came from it, well a couple of days ago these 3 images were released from the long awaited line.

Yep, kinda disappointing just looks like BAPE/BBC 2.0, not what I expected from Kanye at all, very outdated coming from him, it's obvious that this was created during the Graduation Era, and not something that was influenced by his current style, or by his love of fashion, especially when you look at his previous collaborations with LV and Nike. Anyway, although the previews were kind of disappointing, it did leave me wondering if this was what we were to expect from the rest of the collection, or this was a just a fusion line. But alas, it doesn't look like we won't have to wonder any longer. it turns out that the line isn't actually going to be released anymore, not exactly sure why, but Pastelles is no more..... was over all before it really started.