Long & Short of it....

18 November, 2009

I think by now, we're all more than aware that chain harnesses are once again the new in thing in fact with ear cuffs, shoulder guards and even shoe chains, popping up all over Etsy and and the fashion blogs, it seems that body jewelry on a whole is set to have a huge comeback.

I've been loving all of them so far, but the thing that has really got interested has been Leg Cage, (yeah they sound about a weird) but they're one of the most innovative things I've seen in a while, although I'm still not entirely sure how you even get them to stay up, or how good they'll look on someone with the thicker legs, lol, but they can be made to fit, and would look over tights or leggings. So far, chainsoflove is the only person I've seen selling them, but I'm sure they'll soon be popping up in UO by the end of the year.