Roger That, Did You Copy That, C-C-C-Copycat....

26 November, 2009

What happens when you mix this:

with this:


Well it looks a little something like this:
A little bit of the Jeffery Campbell Tick boots, meet the Topshop x Ashish Zebra wedges....

....Seen on the feet of The Harijuku Barbie herself, Nicki Minaj, on the set of a video shoo, which was a big surprise, I don't really think she does them much justice to be honest, but they're definitely very interesting.

I'm not sure if these are just a new, unreleased colourway of the JC Tick shoes, or if her stylist got a little stud happy and DIY'd these herself, but there's something in me that actually makes me really like them.

^^^I've had this song repeat for the past few days, who would have thought Nicki Minaj+ Dubsteep would end up like this (apparently this a demo for Rihanna, I could definitely imagine her on this )