30 March, 2010

It looks like I'm in a bit of a musicy mood today, Kelis released her video for her new song "Acapella' yesterday, the video's kind of what you learn to expect from Kelis, and makes me love the song even more than I did before. 

Love of My Life

This was going to be  part of the working the week post, but I think Ms. Badu deserves her own post just for being her, on everybody else, this look would  probably look :-/ but on her it just seems oh so right, the Rick James beads, Ann Sophie Black shades, statement rings and the classic trench just all come together.

That being said, Ms Badu has a new video out, "Window Seat" which I'm sure by now you've already seen, but it won't hurt to see again.

Working the Week

I remember when I first started doing these and I said that I would be doing it very week, lol, 5 months later and this is only my third one, but hopefully this will be the third of many.

 Liya Kebede and Cassie probably have my two favourite looks, I love the fact that Cassie has been able to take what should be a simple/plain outfit and make it something chic (I hate that word, but it does apply in this context) enough to be worn on to the front row of Paris Fashion Week.  Liya Kebede's  Lamvin jumpsuit is exactly  like the sort of one I've been looking for  for myself.

Just Like Music....

24 March, 2010

Usually not a fan of musical notes on clothing as it looks kinda cheesy/tacky but this is just on the right side of both. I found this dress on Sense of Fashion which is kinda like Etsy but for the cool kids (if you don't know what Etsy is, it's kinda like Ebay but with handmade things) and it looks like it's going to be one of those sites I end up wasting my money away on, great!!

A little bit Country, A little bit Rock'n'Roll....

11 March, 2010

These were from H&M 2009 A/W Party collection, I've only ever seen them once in store and unfortunately they didn't have my size :-(

Uniqlo has never been one of those shops I'd go into when I'm looking for something to wear, but then I came across some shots from their new jeans collection "J+ Collection",the jeans themselves were nothing ground-breaking,but what did catch my was everything above the waist of the model especially the blazer; I know blazers are a little 2009, but it's grey and it has horn bone buttons, how could I not love it. A couple of minutes later, I ended up on the Uniqlo website picking out a few favourite items and putting together this lovely graphic.

Random fact;Uniqlo stores are only found in London so for those not lucky enough not live in London you have to go online to get your hands some of their Japanese basics.

It's my party, I'll cry if I want to...

With my birthday just a couple of weeks around the corner (March 31st, make a note) I've been on the hunt for THE birthday dress outfit;I of course went to the usual places, ASOS, Topshop, River Island etc. but no luck, then one day I came across this beauty, the Afrikan Hologram Dress by Nakimuli what can I say, I loved everything about it* the juxtaposition of the traditional African inspired print at the front combined with the crazy hologram fabric at the back manage to bring a new twist to the clich├ęd big shouldered body-con dress that seems to be everywhere nowadays.
In the heat of the moment I ended up buying it, not too sure of how much of a good idea considering the fact that I've been living on Nutella on toast for the past few weeks.

Also ended up getting one of these as well:

Another favourite of mine were these bracelets which remind me alot of the those huge fabric chains M.I.A, Ebony Bones and all the other cool kids used to rock back in the day.( Well not really back in the day, but in 2007,lol)

*To be honest I think alot of my interest comes from the fact that I've never seen hologramic fabric being used before, so this just excited me.

Walking on Sunshine......

09 March, 2010

Who would have thought a bit of poo stuck to the bottom of your shoe could look so good....

To mark the start of Chris Ofili's retrospective exhibition, TATE Britain have called upon a few talented ladies and gentlemen to create their own pieces of art inspired by his past work. The lovely pair of shoes you see above is by none other than street artist extrodinaire INSA; inspired by Ofili's 90s collection in which he some how managed to incorporate Elephant dung into his artwork, and made it look good.

The exhibition itself runs for two weeks from Sunday 14th March - Sunday 21st March, but on both Sundays, they will be holding special workshops bringing the likes of Tinie Tempah the man behind the UKs current number 1 single (Congrats), Cooly G, Eddie Kadi, GoldieLocks,Cut the Chat TV, Wah Nails and many more. Would love to see what Wah Nails, Tinie and Cooly G are gonna bring to the table, but it looks like I'm gonna be stuck at work, so if any of you lot manage to go, let me know how it went.

To be honest I never really heard of Ofili until I saw the shoes, which were what really caught my eye, the other thing was that instead of just bringing together regular artists to commemorate the the collection, they managed to bring in a mix of young and "happening" artists, each of which, bring their own unique take of art, whether it be rapping, grafitti-ing, stand up comedy or even nail art, should be interesting.

For more info go here.

Exhibition Dates: Sunday March 14th to Sunday March 21st @ 11am – 6pm

Location: Tate Britain, Pimlico, London

Tickets for the performances and workshops are free, but work on a first come, first serve basis from 11am, so if you want to get a chance to be involved no BPT please. You can also see the Chris Ofili exhibition for £5 if you are under 26 and have ID.

My Perogative


Britney Spears for Elle Magazine January 2010

Less Is More...

It's been 3 months and 4654 hits since my last post, a long time, I know. During my mini-sabbatical, a lot of good (and even more not so good) things have happened, fortunately all of that hasn't stopped me from fawning over everything and anything.
Over Christmas, I've managed to be less of an recluse than I usually am, and met quite a few interesting people, and established a new found love for many things, and I even managed to buy TWO pairs of jeans for myself (a big achievement, lol).

One thing that hasn't changed, however is my love for t-shirts, namely those with B&W graphics, but thanks to my general lack of funds, it's been a while since I've been able to get my hands on any. One of my favourites for a while has been, Deer Dana, basically a bunch of crudely drawn, over-priced hand printed t-shirts featuring things a random collection of pop-culture and fashion icons; with the odd United States President and Mexican Painter thrown in for fun. All of the t-shirts cost $50, but I've seen a few on sale on different sites for around $35.

And then there's BePriv Paris; a French design team who mange to mix two of my favourite things,Hip-Hop G.O.A.T's and sarcastic slogans, and bring them together to create these beauties: