It's my party, I'll cry if I want to...

11 March, 2010

With my birthday just a couple of weeks around the corner (March 31st, make a note) I've been on the hunt for THE birthday dress outfit;I of course went to the usual places, ASOS, Topshop, River Island etc. but no luck, then one day I came across this beauty, the Afrikan Hologram Dress by Nakimuli what can I say, I loved everything about it* the juxtaposition of the traditional African inspired print at the front combined with the crazy hologram fabric at the back manage to bring a new twist to the clich├ęd big shouldered body-con dress that seems to be everywhere nowadays.
In the heat of the moment I ended up buying it, not too sure of how much of a good idea considering the fact that I've been living on Nutella on toast for the past few weeks.

Also ended up getting one of these as well:

Another favourite of mine were these bracelets which remind me alot of the those huge fabric chains M.I.A, Ebony Bones and all the other cool kids used to rock back in the day.( Well not really back in the day, but in 2007,lol)

*To be honest I think alot of my interest comes from the fact that I've never seen hologramic fabric being used before, so this just excited me.