American Apparell Rummage Sale

02 April, 2010

For only £25 £1, this could be you!!!!

As you're probably more than aware, hipster trash favourite American Apparel will be having their first rummage sale on this side of the Continent this bank holiday weekend in London's very own Brick Lane, so far they have almost 29,000 people down as attending on their facebook group (nuts). You know what this means, you finally have the chance you've been looking for to stock up on barely there leotards, shinny leggings and arse-less tights

From what I've read about the other rummage sales it can be a bit of a hit of a miss affair, but who cares, item's are starting from £1 !!!! I managed to get my hands on the pricelist, and it's not as bad as I expected, most items are under £15, and the most expensive thing is jackets at £25.

81 Brick Lane

E1 6QN London

(Closest tube station: Liverpool Street)

Free Admission

Friday April 2 10am - 8pm
Saturday April 3 10am to 8pm
Sunday, April 4 10am to 8pm

(Don't worry about not being able to make it on Friday, they will be restocking throughout the day, and will have new stock available every day.)

See you there suckers!!!!

The queue at 9:30

Hmmmm, so if you were one of the 30 people lucky enough to get in and actually buy something, well done, but if you were one of the many hundreds of people waiting outside for hours just to be a part of some stupid hipster riot, I feel your pain.
We got there at 9:30, and there was already a queue of at least 600 people going around 3 sides of the building, by 9:45, the queue had started to move a little (albeit a bit of pushing) but by 10, it was all over, as soon as they moved the queues a little bit everyone started running, which meant that within the space of 5 minutes, what had started out as that ^^^, ended up as this:

and this

I'm sure you get the drift by now, as you could probably tell the police ended up locking it off by 11,luckily we left just before all the shit started to pop off, lol, but I heard read a few horror stories of black eyes and twisted ankles online (oh well!). AA quickly tried their best attempt at damage control by offering 15% off their website, later changing it to 25% off once they were officially notified by the feds that they were not able to hold the sale today.

The 25% off code is LNDNRMG25, and is valid until 9/04/2010 online and in stores if you print off a copy of the facebook event page. The sale will apparently be back on tomorrow and Sunday if you dare to brave it, let's just hope they're better organised.

ETA: American Apparel have posted yet again another discount code, this time for 40% off "AALNDFAV" on what they are calling "London Rummage Sale favourites" but what is really just mostly alot of their  worst selling acid wash and Afrika print stuff, most of  it is kind crap but you may be able to find something you like.  (not sure how long it's valid for, but I'm guessing it's at least  valid until Monday).