Lace me up..

25 April, 2010

Remember a couple of months ago when I was all into DIY, well as you can probably tell that idea quickly petered out just because I'm an incredibly lazy person and I found my self happily starting things but not quite managing to finish them. But a couple of days ago I actually managed to start AND finish something in the matter of minutes, long story short, I found some lace applique in my house and sewed it onto the shoulder of this t-shirt I got a couple of weeks ago. For some reason I only took pictures of the application process( this makes it seem so complex but really it only took around 15 minutes to complete) and forgot to actually take some pictures the finished product on, but I'll attempt to take some pictures of it once it gets out of the wash. I tried to get a bit fancy with the photography because I just got myself a new camera but as you can probably tell I kinda failed.