Last American Apparell post, I promise!

25 April, 2010

Sorry it's been so long since the last post, got a bit side-tracked with birthdays, essays and loads of other crap.

So I guess it would probably be a good idea to talk about the AA rummage sale, well as you know the first day was basically a bit of a shambles,but they managed to sort themselves out and by the next morning the sale was back on this time with security and proper crowd control. After waiting in a surprisingly civilised queue for around 25 minutes we found ourselves in a magical land where AA goods cost less than £25, there were loads and loads of stuff, literally hundreds of rails of clothes, mostly plain t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses and most if not all of that was old stock ( think the Nu-rave/80s leggings/skirts and those bodycon dresses that were oh so quickly rinsed out by every other girl at the 07/08 University raves) which was a bit of disappointment, but after a bit of rummaging I managed to get a way with quite an impressive haul of stuff.

For the most part I just stuck with the basic; 3 v-neck t-shirts, a stripy t-shirt and a stripy vest (nothing too impressive but still quite a good bargain considering they had gone down from £20+ to £5 each) and two of the infamous Le Sac dresses (£10 each), that was until I got to the tills and saw one of the backstage workers holding this beauty; the scoop back Fringe dress, the very same dress I had my eye one ever since it popped up as a sample on the California Select Ebay store last year, I of course quickly scooped it up (Yayy!!) by the end of the day, the total damage was £50 which wasn't too bad....that was until I somehow managed to find my self back in Brick Lane two days later, considering it this was during the last 45 minutes of the last day of the sale there was still quite a lot of decent stuff left, not that many price cuts though unfortunately. I did however end up getting even more v-neck t-shirts and a skirt, I somehow managed to show some restraint, well done to me.