18 May, 2010

Melody Ehsani released the lookbook for her new collection, aptly named;
THE FOLLOWING DESIGNS HAVE ESCAPED MY HEAD, which she has kindly divided into 3 sub-sections:


I. PROTECT ME FROM WHAT I WANT is one of my favourites, it's M.E's first attempt at translating her love for plastics and acrylics into classical inspired looks.
II. LOVE SEES COLOR. Does exactly what i says on the tin, loads of colour, reminds me a lot of the old Benneton ads with a bit of Super Fertile's Tourism collection thrown in. The initial earrings look a lot like some necklaces that were were Topshop a couple of months ago. I love the peacock earrings and the map necklaces' have a special place in my heart.

III. WE LIVE IN THEIR WORLD is the third and final collection, dark, bold shapes and colours , this collection seems to be a lot more on the masculine side compared to the other two, and there is a lot of focus on her infamous 2-finger rings, which have always been a fan of, I can see at least 3 variations of them alone in this collection.

So far we've only seen the jewellery, so it should be interesting to see what the shoes look like. You can find even more (larger) pictures of the collection here, the collection isn't available yet, but should be up in a few days time, you will be able to find it at all the usual places; M.E's offical site, Karmaloop, and also the only current UK stockists; Bon Robot.

Arms of Steel....

17 May, 2010

It's like a bracelet but 300x times better

Chains of Love has just introduced the arm chain  hot on the heels of another one of my favourites, the leg chain. CofL has to be one of my favourite Etsy stores, and she defiantly has the most creative body jewellery, I love it!! If I had the chance I would buy everything in her store.

Rings 'n' tings

So I've been on a bit of a ring binge recently, I've managed to buy more rings in the past few weeks than I have in the past year for no particular reason, my favourite of the bunch has to be this beauty, a three finger flying eagle ring from ASOS. It's huge and it has an animal on, 2 of my favourite properties when it comes to rings. I also managed to overcome my fear of silver jewellery and brought two very cool rings from Ebay (rings one ten in the lovely illustration below).

L-R, (Mum's, Topshop, Mum's, Mum's, Etsy)
This is my ring collection so far, as you can probably tell most of them are/were my Mum's,luckily for me, my habit of losing/breaking rings and jewellery in general, doesn't seem to apply when it comes to her things.
Here are a few other rings that caught my eye and some I hope to add to my collection soonish.

One. QaCreate ,Two. Ebay, Three. Brilliance Found, Four. Gali Bardy, Five. Asos, Six. Fashionology, Seven. Fashionology, Eight. RabidFox via Fleathers, Nine. Obey, Ten. Ebay, Eleven. Peace Images.

My new found passion for rings has also made me realise I can't go around with trampy looking nails with such fancy looking rings on so I popped over to Superdrug and got these two Ice-cream/pastel inspired Barry M nail polishes (2 for £5!!) which I love.

Also, I really want this ring, I was gonna add it to the 'collage' but I think it deserves it's own special mention, it's another one by Rabid Fox I love it but it costs £200 :-/ maybe one day