Better Late Than Never

24 August, 2010

Their shoes have been seen on almost every other fashion blogs the past year, but for those in good old Blighty, Jeffrey Campbell's cult shoes have been notoriously difficult to get our hands on until now. The brand have finally graced our shores (and probably our hearts) and can be found at Office and Motel are now the official UK Jeffrey Campbell retailers.

The 'Mary Roks' - Next on my wishlist

Jeffrey Campbell have been around for over a decade now, with a moderate amount of success, that was until they embraced the power of the wedge last year and brought out 3 shoes which all managed to seal their fate as the bloggers favourite shoe designer. The Tick, the 99 and the Alexa; all 3 are in essence a simple black wedge, but yet still manage to be much more. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Tick and 99 last year from Karmaloop and, but on both occasions was landed with ridiculous custom charges, so I'm glad to know that I won't be faced with that problem the next time I need my JC fix.

My 'Tick' s

My '99's

The 'Alexa'