I Taste Just Like Kandee

27 August, 2010

I've got to hand it to the people over at Kandee Shoes, it says a lot about the creative skills of a company, when a mere picture of the prototype of an upcoming design can whip you up into a frenzy without even seeing the finished project yet, I'd say you're on to a good thing. So when they posted this sneak preview of their new boot shape and added that the final product would also be in leopard print, I knew that their A/W  Collection would definitely be worth the wait.

And I was right,  a few days ago they previewed the final product; aptly named the "Peanut Butter Crunchy" what else needs to be said, the shoe is hot! 
The spikes, textured print material and the gold sole all add up to a unique  and unexpected shoe from such a young, reasonably priced designer. 

And if spikes aren't your thing, they also have a version without them, called "Peanut Butter Smooth".

Or if for some reason, leopard print, just isn't your thing (why?) then they've got loads of other beauties for you to chose from.

Chocolate Lime

Cherry Bomb

Black Liquorish 

Creme Carmel

Blue Raspberry Prototype

Neon Lime (with glow in the neon green soles!)
The new collection is a much more edgier and darker direction than their previous collection, "Dolly Mix" which was reminiscent of  a 1950's sweet shop, sweet, bright, simple and cute whereas the current collection can only be described as 1990's E-numbers gone mad, if that makes any sense, everything is much brighter, harder and extreme.

Unfortunately, the shoes won't be available until next month, but at the meantime you can go to their site to take a look at their past treats, and add their twitter to see what else they've got planned next.