Trapped in The Closet...

24 August, 2010

Sales, binge eating, shopping sprees; three of the main culprits resulting in this, these are the clothes we buy but never actually end up wearing for one reason or another. The average British woman has 14 items of unworn clothing hanging about in their wardrobe/floor/room.

It wasn't til I started re-organising my room that I realised I too was one of those women, I never realised I had so many clothes I hadn't actually worn or only worn once and how much money I'd wasted!

Here are just some of my unworn goodies.....

Luckily for me, most of these items were kind a cheap, but apparently the average woman has around £200 worth of unworn clothes in their wardrobe which adds up to over £4.7 billion overall.

There are of course ways to combat it; first and foremost, only buy what you need, but if like me it's a little too late you can always salvage it buy either; DIYing, Ebaying, or being a nice person by donating to Charity.

ETA : Sorry if this post is a bit bare, there was actually some writing to go with the pretty pictures (quite a lot of it actually) but it turns out that it didn't make much sense as it was the result of medicine-enduced ramblings.