Primark's Womenswear Winter 2010 Collection

20 September, 2010

The colour pallet for this collection seems to be much more muted than their previous Autumn collection, made up mostly of cream's, beige's, taupe's and the odd white and black thrown in for good measure. The collection it's self is, to be honest just a bit blah for me, Primark's promo shots always leave me a bit disappointed because I know their product turnover is so fast that it's near impossible to actually find them in the stores.but nonetheless, there are actually quite a few exciting pieces in there.

Belted aviator £25 due in store end September, Hareem pants £11 due in store end September, chunky knit snood £4 due in store end September, knee high sock £2 in store now, Military peep toe ankle boot £15 in store now.

First and foremost is this seasons must have, the Aviator jacket, every high street fashion store worth it's salt has released their own versions with prices starting at around £70, but Primark being Primark have managed to knock out a very descent version of their own for only £25! I had a feeling they would bring one out, but had no idea it would be such good quality, intricate belt and zip detailing make it look worth much more than it's £25,  fingers crossed I may be able to get my hands on this beauty.The jacket should be in-store at the end of September, and if you're lucky enough to come across one I would snap it up straight away as I can see these selling out very quickly and ending up all over Ebay at prices rivalling Burberry's!

Damask print tunic £13 due in store beg. September, Stack heel platform £15 in store now.
I know this dress isn't particularly exciting, but I'm a sucker for damask prints and this just caught my eye, however I have a feeling it'll probably look quite different in store, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Lilly pussy bow dress £15 due in store beg. October, Over-sized pom pom beanie £3 due in store end August, Studded clutch £7 due in store beg. November, clog ankle boot £18 due in store end August.
The dress is another favourite, the styling for this outfit is great, and is remarkably similar to how I would wear it, mixing the femininity of the dress and bag with the masculinity of the the boots and beanie, can't wait to get my hands on the dress.

Faux fur hobo £10 due in store beg. October
Love this Vintage style faux-fur bag, the chain link handle and pom-pom covered zips are whimsical extras, however it does remind me of something my mum would own, and I'm sure if I looked hard enough I could probably find one for £3 in a vintage/charity store but with it in Primark I might not have to.

Wedge ankle boot £20 due in store mid September

I actually gasped when I saw these wedges, I never expected to find something like this on the high street, especially from somewhere like Primark, obviously influenced by Acne and MiniMarket's sky-scraper wedges, I'm not sure how well these wedges will go down with Primark's average customers, but I can see these as being the must by item for any budget-fashionista.

Double strap monk boot £15 in store now
I love the studding and buckle detailing on these boats, and the distressed leather effect are another favourite as it's often the shiny/fake looking leather which puts me off from buying non-leather shoes, but these manage to look authentically vintage whilst being incredibly on trend.

 Aviator cape £25 due in store beg. October
Aviator + Shearling + a Cape, Primark have some how managed to mix all three of this season's outerwear trends together, I have to admit I'm a bit on the fence about this as it's hard to asses how it really looks without seeing it on a model, but I'm loving the idea behind it especially as so far, Primark are the first highstreet store I've seen do this.

All in all, Primark have managed to do quite well at once again attempting to translate this season's key pieces on the lower-end of the highstreet, I just hope that the item look as great in real life as they do in store, because if they do, Primark have a big hit on their hands

Are there any pieces that have caught your eye? Anything that you must get your hands on, or is there something there that just turns you off?