Black Ivy

12 October, 2010

I always get asked why I never do posts on menswear, the answer is, I don't really know? I am actually quite a big fan of menswear, and really do appreciate a man with style since menswear, although great is quite limited so it's nice to see how someone with a great sense of style manages to work this disadvantage and put together great looks with limited options.


The guys over at Street Etiquette show you guys out there how it should be done,  they just release a shoot called 'Black Ivy', with a throwback, preppy look which celebrates the style of the men who paved the way at America's HBCU (Historically Black College's & Universities).

There are so many great looks in this set, but my favourite though has to be the guy in the last picture with the snood and double denim, he just looks so relaxed and casual, yet still chic even when surrounded by guys who all have a lot more going on with their outfits.