G-Shock x Art

23 November, 2010

I passed through G-Shock East x VA-G launch party last week, to be honest I could care less about the watch, my main attraction was the line up, there was Marcus Nasty, Ed Sheeran,  Wretch 32, Cherri V, FemFel, Random Impulse, Selah, and loads more. We managed to get there just in time to catch... no one, sucked. We did however manage to take a few pictures of things, and also got to met a fantastic photographer so it wasn't all too bad.

We then randomly came  across this gallery preview a few doors down, it was full of loads of fancy looking artsy people and we had just missed the champagne but it was great to be able to look around. Unfortunately I didn't remember to get any of the artists name, but enjoy.

All of this artists pictures were a collage of music sheets individually painted and then put together.

This artist's work was my favourite out of everyone, it was hard to capture it on camera but the vibrancy and detailing of the paintings really draw you in. The baroque print backgrounds had so much density to them it looked like they were almost 3D.

This last artist's  work was another favourite, the mute colouring really stood out among the other pieces, there was just such a sense of calm and solace about them.

I Love My Scarf...

22 November, 2010

Last week I was lucky enough to get an invite (thanks to Nathan)  for the launch party for Hermes' J'ai Mon Carree event, as you can probably guess I was very excited, it was my first 'industry' party and I had prepared myself to be met with egos and attitude as soon as I walked through the door but I was presently surprised to find that everyone in there was incredibly nice.

There was an abundance of champagne and  randomly, radishes, staff on hand to adorn your persons with Hermes' finest silk scarves, unfortunately they weren't to keep :-(  There were also quite a few familiar faces there; journalists, bloggers, designers and stylists, including Jeanie aka FFA, Jay Wilson, Henry Holland and Nicolo Festa from X-Factor who gave my Peanut Crunchy Kandee Shoes the biggest side eye known to man.

All in all, I had a great night, my girl Obui has now become my new self-appointed photographer,  and I got to finally meet the crazy wonderful Gemma Kane and my new fantastic new boss Abuk.

The pop-up store is open until Friday, and can be found somewhere in West London. There is more, more useful info on the store here at

So I thought I'd be super organised and efficent this week in the planning of my "Working the Week" post by you know, actually planning it. Which meant that this I time I was actually selecting my favourites looks through out the week as I saw them, not just scambling back through blogs and websites the day before trying to see what comes up.

So by the time Thursday came, I had already had the looks ready and sorted, all that needed to be done was for me put together a nice little collage for you guys.Well, that's when it all went wrong,  just as I was adding the finishing touches, my stupid laptop froze, and me being the genius I am hadn't bothered to  save it which meant this is all I have left to show from this weeks "Working The Week".

Click for larger image

So this lowly screenshot is all I have left of my lovely work. Anyway I will be re-doing it again by the end of the week I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it all over again so soon, but I just thought I'd show you guys that I had actually kept up my promise (if any of you actually cared) of trying to make it a weekly feature.  In the meanwhile I have loads of pictures and news coming up soon.

In the meanwhile, check out my review of the Miu Miu SS11 Press Day for Yin & Yang here.

WeSC x Salute

21 November, 2010

WeSC and Salute (formally Charlatan Magazine) are teaming to bring you a night of good music and a crap load of free stuff to help mark the launch of their monthly club night, Crush. For once there’s an event with freebies I’m actually interested; free manicures from the WAH! Nails ladies AND free custom WeSC headphones as well.

Manicures from the ladies and WAH! Nails and free custom WeSC headphones for £3?!?  Apparently so, WeSC and Salute (formally Charlatan Magazine) are teaming to bring you a night of good music and a crap load of free stuff to help mark the launch of their monthly club night, Crush.

It actually looks really good and even if you didn't enjoy yourself chances are you're still gonna walk away with a manicure and some headphones so it's a win-win situation.

There’s also music from Kelis’s personal DJ and XO Man! And a few others.

PUNK, 14 Soho Street, W1,
23rd November, 9pm-3am,
Entry is £5 before 11pm and £7 thereafter

(Limited concessions list £3 available).

Email: for further details

On the night be sure to look out for:

FREE WAH! Nails Manicures 9-11pm
FREE unique and highly exclusive WeSC headphones customised to your own design spec by graffiti artist Amar Stewart (Upper Playground/Aum Brand)
FREE Drink on Entry for Everyone as well as cheap booze offers i.e. £3 (beer and mixers)

Entertainment on the night will include:
DJ Nikki Beatnik (Kelis tour DJ/Beatnik/ Fashbashsoundclash) – with a special performance from XO Man! DJ Snips (Livin Proof), DJ Nick Name (Droppin Science/55DSL), CWD (Maharishi/Sa-lute), Motive (Overproof), Tick Choong Ting (Sa-lute).

J’aime mon carrĂ©

13 November, 2010

Next week, the iconic French fashion house celebrates the black girl's accessory of choice; the headscarf with two pop-up stores in it's honour, J’aime mon carrĂ© or I Love My Scarf. The stores will be based in two iconic parts of London, West and East. West London, the heart of London's fashion scene and East London is just, East.

The stores will be open from the 18th - 25th November and will be filled with exclusive designs of Hermes' classic silk scarfs as well as 'experts' who will be on hand to teach customers the many ways they can tie new purchases.

East will be at Rochelle School Of Art, Club Row Entrance, Arnold Circus, London. E2 7ES from 18th November - 21st November

West will be at 79 – 81 Ledbury Road, London. W11 2AG from 22nd November - 25th November


11 November, 2010

Just thought I'd do a random post about the things I've done and/or acquired over the past few days. First and foremost, my Kandee Peanut Crunchy shoes arrived today, and I think I'm in love. I decided to wear them to the Miu Miu press day, not a good idea, these are not the easiest of shoes to walk in, especially around West End. The shoes did manage to turn a few heads, but by the end of the day I couldn't wait to get them as far a way from my feet as possible.

The other day I went a bit mad in the jewellery section of River Island and brought these two cute animal rings, the first one is a dog, which looks a little bit like a Yorkshire Terrier. The second is a little ducky, not really sure why I got them now that I think about it. (Please ignore the mess in the background, I'm a bit of a tramp)

Also got this suede aviator jacket from Ebay, finally decided to jump on the trend but didn't want to spend more then £30 on so Ebay was my only choice. To be honest with you, this was actually supposed to be a birthday present for my friend but I liked it too much (and saw one that he I thought he would like better) so I kept it for myself. So if you're reading this N, Suprise!!!

I also came across these in H&M, I didn't get them but they're one of the many things on my wish-list. Love the  colour and the layered pocket detailing. They were only £24.99 too, bargain!

10 November, 2010

Anne Hathaway for Elle UK

Anne Hathaway graces the December 2011 cover of Elle UK, this is the subscribers cover which looks so much better the retail cover which is just way too cluttered.And yet again, another cover featuring Balmain's 'Look 22', if I'm correct this makes 8 covers in the last 3 months.

04 November, 2010

You may have noticed a few changes around the blog recently,ok, not a few, just one. The blog is no longer, it was just too much of a hassle to type and it was even harder to explain when people asked for the URL.
It's now, not that much shorter admittedly, but its a start.

Working the Week

It's been a while since of done one of these, but I'm back once again, and this time there's quite an eclectic mix; rappers, Ocsar nominated actresses, RnB singers, Supermodels and a jumpoff. 

Natalia Vodianova  was rocking the 'Look 22' Balmain dress that has been featured in almost every major magazine in the last month, and the same she wore on the cover of December's Harper's Baazar. The dress also comes in a shorter length, but there's just something oddly romantic about the sweeping floor-length train.

Kelly Rowland is another advocate for the longer, more conservative skirt length with an ankle length ruched maxi dress paired with leopard print Giuseppe Zanotti wedge booties. I actually really like the simplicity of the outfit, it would have been really easy to have gone too far with the accessories but her stylist seems to have got it right.

Julianne Moore and Tessa Thompson are both rocking quite similar looks, loose fitting shirts with pencil skirts. Tessa's outfit shows how to pull off the look during the day without looking too-overdone. Whilst Julianne' contrasting copper and raspberry outfit is a more elegant, formal interpretation of the look thanks to the longer length skirt. The bright shirt hits on a shade of pink that manages to be feminine without being too girly.

Last off is Ciara I know a lot of people aren't really a fan of her, but I actually quite like her and I think she has quite an interesting individual style. The cropped knitted jumper and pef leg cargo's around me alot of an outfit that I find myself wearing alot. I've developed an obsession for Pony hair shoes so I of course love her Alaia ponyhair zerbra print boots, and I actually like the  large cross chain with this look, it's something that can easily look tacky or played out but she manages to make it work.

That's all for now, I can't guarantee this will be back again this time next week, but I'll defiantly try my best.

Sequinned Jump

03 November, 2010

As soon as I laid my eyes on this jumpsuit it was love, the waist detailing and the sequins are fantastic, I just hope it has pockets. I'm not a fan of the model's hair/ styling, it's just too 80's for me, and not in the cool way either. But aside from that,  I'm loving the jumpsuit and the site.

You can find it at Virgo's Lounge, they're on online boutique and they just launched their new party wear collection just in time for Christmas, As well as vintage goodies, they also have loads of cut-and-sew vintage inspired items on  their site.