G-Shock x Art

23 November, 2010

I passed through G-Shock East x VA-G launch party last week, to be honest I could care less about the watch, my main attraction was the line up, there was Marcus Nasty, Ed Sheeran,  Wretch 32, Cherri V, FemFel, Random Impulse, Selah, and loads more. We managed to get there just in time to catch... no one, sucked. We did however manage to take a few pictures of things, and also got to met a fantastic photographer so it wasn't all too bad.

We then randomly came  across this gallery preview a few doors down, it was full of loads of fancy looking artsy people and we had just missed the champagne but it was great to be able to look around. Unfortunately I didn't remember to get any of the artists name, but enjoy.

All of this artists pictures were a collage of music sheets individually painted and then put together.

This artist's work was my favourite out of everyone, it was hard to capture it on camera but the vibrancy and detailing of the paintings really draw you in. The baroque print backgrounds had so much density to them it looked like they were almost 3D.

This last artist's  work was another favourite, the mute colouring really stood out among the other pieces, there was just such a sense of calm and solace about them.