I Love My Scarf...

22 November, 2010

Last week I was lucky enough to get an invite (thanks to Nathan)  for the launch party for Hermes' J'ai Mon Carree event, as you can probably guess I was very excited, it was my first 'industry' party and I had prepared myself to be met with egos and attitude as soon as I walked through the door but I was presently surprised to find that everyone in there was incredibly nice.

There was an abundance of champagne and  randomly, radishes, staff on hand to adorn your persons with Hermes' finest silk scarves, unfortunately they weren't to keep :-(  There were also quite a few familiar faces there; journalists, bloggers, designers and stylists, including Jeanie aka FFA, Jay Wilson, Henry Holland and Nicolo Festa from X-Factor who gave my Peanut Crunchy Kandee Shoes the biggest side eye known to man.

All in all, I had a great night, my girl Obui has now become my new self-appointed photographer,  and I got to finally meet the crazy wonderful Gemma Kane and my new fantastic new boss Abuk.

The pop-up store is open until Friday, and can be found somewhere in West London. There is more, more useful info on the store here at