11 November, 2010

Just thought I'd do a random post about the things I've done and/or acquired over the past few days. First and foremost, my Kandee Peanut Crunchy shoes arrived today, and I think I'm in love. I decided to wear them to the Miu Miu press day, not a good idea, these are not the easiest of shoes to walk in, especially around West End. The shoes did manage to turn a few heads, but by the end of the day I couldn't wait to get them as far a way from my feet as possible.

The other day I went a bit mad in the jewellery section of River Island and brought these two cute animal rings, the first one is a dog, which looks a little bit like a Yorkshire Terrier. The second is a little ducky, not really sure why I got them now that I think about it. (Please ignore the mess in the background, I'm a bit of a tramp)

Also got this suede aviator jacket from Ebay, finally decided to jump on the trend but didn't want to spend more then £30 on so Ebay was my only choice. To be honest with you, this was actually supposed to be a birthday present for my friend but I liked it too much (and saw one that he I thought he would like better) so I kept it for myself. So if you're reading this N, Suprise!!!

I also came across these in H&M, I didn't get them but they're one of the many things on my wish-list. Love the  colour and the layered pocket detailing. They were only £24.99 too, bargain!