22 November, 2010

So I thought I'd be super organised and efficent this week in the planning of my "Working the Week" post by you know, actually planning it. Which meant that this I time I was actually selecting my favourites looks through out the week as I saw them, not just scambling back through blogs and websites the day before trying to see what comes up.

So by the time Thursday came, I had already had the looks ready and sorted, all that needed to be done was for me put together a nice little collage for you guys.Well, that's when it all went wrong,  just as I was adding the finishing touches, my stupid laptop froze, and me being the genius I am hadn't bothered to  save it which meant this is all I have left to show from this weeks "Working The Week".

Click for larger image

So this lowly screenshot is all I have left of my lovely work. Anyway I will be re-doing it again by the end of the week I just haven't been able to bring myself to do it all over again so soon, but I just thought I'd show you guys that I had actually kept up my promise (if any of you actually cared) of trying to make it a weekly feature.  In the meanwhile I have loads of pictures and news coming up soon.

In the meanwhile, check out my review of the Miu Miu SS11 Press Day for Yin & Yang here.