27 January, 2011

It's been a long time coming,  but I  have finally decided to go on an official hiatus, it'll be no different from what I've been doing on the blog  the past few months ie; nothing but this time I'll feel a lot less guilty about it. Looking back to when I first started, I was blogging two or three times a day but now I'm lucky if I do it 3 times a month which is really disappointing because there hasn't really been anything stopping me except my own laziness and at times self-doubt  plus the odd laptop malfunction.

But I shall be back, hoepfully by the first week of  March with a renewed love for blogging and life in general, until then, you can keep up with me and my not-so-exciting life by following me on Twitter.
Hope to see you all on the other side

06 January, 2011

Kanye West x Dazed & Confused, January 2011
via Hypebeast

I love 'this' Kanye;  V-necks, suede slippers, Leather jeans, and a plethora of chains, they shouldn't work but he somehow manages to pull it off and effortlessly, I love it all. Not too sure how I'd feel if this actually started a trend amongst regular guys, but on Kanye, it looks beautiful. 

P.S Outfit posts will be making a return very soon, my room has been a tip for the past few months but I've finally got around to sorting it out so we should soon be returning to our regular schedule. Yayy!!!