Update, kinda

07 March, 2011

So it's March and as you can see there are no new posts, and unfortunately there probably won't be any for a while. I broke my laptop a couple of days after I first wrote the last post and I'm still in the middle of getting it sorted so it looks like I won't be back again till the end of March at the earliest :-(

In the meanwhile, just thought I'd show some pictures from a shoot I helped out Obui  with a couple of few days ago, it was the first time I've actually remembered to bring a camera to a shoot I've been assisting on so I had to share.

The quality of the pictures are kinda wack because I just ended up using my phone but hopefully it gives you an idea of the amazing-ness we managed to capture day. To be honest I 'm sure I didn't really help much on the day but it was fun to be a part of it, I just can't wait to see the finished product, I know they're going to look amazing!

Hopefully these should be enough to hold you over till I'm back.

See you soon

 Model: Rhianna Bishop
Styling: Obui Amaech & Olivia Sykes & Me

 So I've gotten to the end of this and realised that this has actually turned into a proper post, it was just supposed to be a couple of words! But at least it's given you guys an idea of what's to come, I promise there will be loads of even more exciting stuff to come when I'm fully up an running.