28 July, 2011

All We Need Is Lights by Diaghe


Here's a sneak preview of a shoot I styled in another disused confectionary factory, this time it was a biscuit factory with the legend that is @KidsofGrime and the super talented Lungi.

Every Teardrop is A Waterfall

I've been in love with this song ever since I luckily won tickets to see them perform at the iTunes festival last week. The show was amazzzinnggggg, I've never been to a rock/indie show before so this was a great way to break my indie show virginity.

The song it's self is so sick, it sounds 100x times better live, the band really get into it and give it their all especially Chris Martin, you can't tell me he doesn't look like he's about to spit out a sick 16 when he's performing this song. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a recording of it but I did get some very crappy, blurry pictures  of what I can promise you is actually Chris Martin and not just some random.

Motel Sample Sale

25 July, 2011

What else needs to be said, get your self down there this Saturday, items start from £5, free drinks, one-off specials...perfect. But if you're not able to make it you can always check out the Motel site, their sale is still ongoing and you can still get yourself a few bargins.

Grand Turino

03 July, 2011

Ever since my Ticks  broke and resigned themselves to shoe heaven, I've been on the lookout for some suitable replacements and I think the Turino may just be it, yes they are technically the same shoe but with zippers instead of tacks and a closed front but that's the beauty of them, they're so similar to what we've sen before, yet so different.

I can't believe bloggers haven't been all over these like they were with the Ticks, I guess they're all still caught up with Lita Fever to notice them which is great because it means they're now on sale with 30% off at Revole.   Result!