Been a while...

13 November, 2013

Hello, it's me again

So it's been almost two years it's been since I last did this and my how things of changed, the reason for my absence will be largely blamed on me going back to University to finish my degree. I am now the proud owner of an American Studies degree (try and say that with a straight face), and as you can imagine at the time the blog wasn't really at the top of my priorities. 

But my break from here didn't mean that I got blogging out of my system 100%,  I couldn't find it in myself to let go of my domain so I've been paying for it for the past two years and I've still been over at theCool  doing a little blogging and mostly handling the PR and Marketing side of things which means a lot of emails, attending events, handling the Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles and some other stuff not so exciting stuff. The past two years at theCool have seen us make a number of changes, mostly behind the scenes, we've been working really hard on finding our voice and refocusing it into something we enjoy again, something which you will hopefully be able to see in the next couple of months. 

Aside from that, it feels like not much has changed since I was last on here but the more I begin to think about it the more I realise how much has actually happened; I'm now 24 years old (wow) and 5 months after graduating am one of many unemployed graduates. Since my last post I've come to realise that styling and fashion as a whole isn't really for me. As much as I enjoyed the experiences and finished product it was a lot of hard work (the days and days of planning, pulling looks, long set days and then the further days and days of returns) for very little reward and the overwhelming social aspect was a little OTT for someone like me who's a bit of a self-proclaimed introvert. And if I'm being honest the chances of me making it into a workable career with a proper income was pretty slim, so while back at Uni I got real with myself and looked into what I actually wanted to do (and could get a decent living from) and the answer was.....blogging which is why I'm back!

....Just kidding, but it is something pretty close; digital marketing because I've always had a fascination with the internet and stratospheric rise in social media and the transition into a world with little distinction between our offline and online worlds, plus the idea of spending hours online and getting paid for it sounds too good to be true.  So with that I began to immerse myself into all things digital, I got myself and internship at a local theatre near my uni as a Digital Marketing Intern, and somehow managed to rangle social media into my dissertation topic.

All of that makes it sound like the past two years have been really boring (which for the most part they have) but they've actually been full of a lot of personal growth and new experiences, driving unfortunately is yet to be one of them (I'm 24 and still can't drive, it's just shameful). But one thing I have been able to do a lot more of the past two years is travel:

Nigeria, April 2012
Lekki Beach
Lagos Lagoon

Denmark, August 2012
This doesn't really scream 'Denmark' but I spent most of my time there in a lovely little cottage in the countryside.

Dubai, March 2013
Dubai Skyline
Dubai Creek
Car graveyard in the middle of the desert 
The colossal Palm Atlantis 

Marrakech, September 2013

As you can see I don't take the best travel pictures but it has been amazing to have had the chance to travel around a bit and I'm hoping it's something I can continue.  Overall it's been an interesting couple of years but the past few months I've found myself missing my blog and though so I'm back.
However that's not to say that I'll be stepping right back into where I was before with the daily posts about everything fashion related, instead expect to see me write about the  what I've been up to and the latest things that catch my fancy plus my growing interests in art, travel and food, aka  I'm trying to do grown up stuff.

So if there's anyone still out there, it's good to be back.