Pushing Hackney

06 December, 2013

The other day I found myself catching up on one of my favourite shows, Pushing Daises. A short-lived surreal American TV show set around a man called Ned who owns a pie shop and uses his power to bring back the dead to solve their murders.

The plot is a little convoluted but one thing that about the show that is easy to explain is the show's amazing visual design. Masterfully headed by Bryan Fuller, the set design, costumes and cinematography make watching the show feel like you're being immersed in a hyperactive, adult storybook re-imagined by Wes Anderson and Tim Burton.

There was one particular scene caught my eye and brought back memories of something I'd seen a few days prior whilst at the TCS Press Day for theCool. This amazing scene is set in Olive's apartment where we see her pondering about the nature of her relationship with Ned all whilst immaculately co-ordinating her dressing gown to her wallpaper and soft furnishing.   A look which is so whimsically romantic and now achievable (if you have the funds) thanks to the ingenious, creative minds at House of Hackney. 

House of Hackney is a brand that have been around for a while, stocked in Urban Outfitters and on ASOS, they specialise in ornate prints which they put on everything, and I mean everything.  It wasn't until I saw until I saw their stand at the press day that I realised just how extensive their print mania was, as well as dresses, t-shirts, lingerie and shoes they also emblaze their prints on furniture, wallpaper, soft furnishing, stationary and crockery.

But like many beautiful things, there is a not-so-beautiful price tag with prices starting at £15 for tights, £16 for a notebook and up to £10,000 for a sofa HoH is not exactly in my price range at the moment but they have just announced a collaboration collection with ASOS where they replace their floral prints with grungy tartan and a much more affordable price tag.

House of Hackney for ASOS